The name Asgard stems from Scandinavian mythology.

Asgard is the abode of the celestials, Utgard is the abode of the giants. Midgard is between the two -- better than Utgard, but inferior to Asgard. Midgard is the abode of the first pair, from whom sprang the human race. It was made of the eyebrows of Ymer, and was joined to Asgard by the rainbow bridge called Bifrost.

The kingdom of Asgard is the land surrounding and encompassing the city of Asgard, nestled within the Asgard Mountains and the Sea of Marmora. Except for the densely-populated city of Asgard, the kingdom is a rolling green meadow dotted with small farms.

More recently the name Asgard has been mentioned in the TV series Stargate SG-1 starring Richard Dean Anderson et al. The Asgard are a superior race of small aliens that protect Earth and other planets.